Decentralised P2P Wagering

A simple, provably fair peer-to-peer game of chance offering players true 50/50 odds

The Problem

For a long time, online gambling platforms, whilst wildly popular, have been shrouded with skepticism. The rise of decentralisation presents the perfect opportunity to change this and disrupt one of the largest industries in the world.

Casinos Win When You Lose

It’s counter intuitive that the entity controlling the outcome dictating when you win and profits when you lose.

Centralised Systems Are Vulnerable

Current gaming platforms require you to deposit your funds with them, forcing you to relinquish control.

No Transparency

Online casinos hide behind cloaked operations requiring users to trust that they aren’t being gamed.

Slow Withdrawals

Players are accustomed to having to pay currency exchange fees and waiting days to receive their funds. Some platforms still send cheques.

High House Edge

Current online gaming platforms and casinos require a large house edge in order to cover their costs.

No Public Audit Trail

Players currently have to take their win or loss at face value without being able to verify the result as authentic.

The Solution

A decentralised P2P wagering platform with no limits, a global liquidity pool and a 50/50 chance you’ll close to double your money.

“I’m sure P2P decentralized betting will be huge in the future”

– Roger Ver


Players from around the world wagering against each other on the flip of a coin with no limits

Provably Random

The process through which the coins are tossed is mathematically proven to be random and all flips are cryptographically auditable to ensure both parties have a fair chance.

True 50/50 Odds

We don’t mess around with a house edge or keep the logic behind the result in a black box. When you play with us either you or your opponent will double their money.

No Limits

Because we don’t have to bankroll winnings or jackpots there is no limit on payouts. Wagers are only activated when both parties have sent funds to their smart contract.

Outcome Agnostic

The platform is designed to operate outside of whether you win or lose you’ll never have to question if we are swaying the results.

Low Risk

Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to deposit your funds with us. Your bets are held within 3rd party audited smart contracts or your wallet.

Cards On The Table

Everything that happens on the platform is open for all to see. From wagers placed and leaderboards to all the flip results.

Review The Whitepaper

For more detailed information on how the platform will function, the team, development roadmap and timelines, check out our whitepaper.

Whitepaper (PDF)

1% Platform Fee From Wagers

The platform retains 1% of wager volume as a fee. This service charge is divided across core functions that ensure the development and growth of the platform.

Meet The Team

Founded with experience building consumer facing platforms. Backed by a strong team with a longstanding history in both crypto and gaming. The development team is lead by two core members of the winning team at the 2017 CoinDesk Consensus Hackathon. The advisory board contains decades of experience in online gaming and leaders in blockchain business leadership.

Max Kenny

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building online products and businesses

Samuel Brooks


With a background in electrical engineering, Sam is a leader in the DLT space, playing a key role in the winning team at Consensus. He’s worked across energy and financial services in both technical and managerial roles.

Josh Kelly

Lead Frontend Engineer

A frontend gun with a vast experience covering various sectors such as banking and finance, sports and gaming including a lead role at William Hill.

Tim Bass

Project Lead

Tim has been involved in the blockchain space for many years, and was part of the winning team at the New York Consensus Hackathon

Gerard Cunningham

Gaming Advisor | Ex-CEO Betfair US

Ronan Wall

Gaming Advisor | Ex-Operations Paddy Power

James Sargeant

Regulatory Compliance | Ex-Lead Global Compliance Betfair

Alan Burt

Business Advisor | Co-Founder Block8


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